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After many years of experience and practice, we better understood the hindrance disability could have in the lives of children, adults and their families. We also observed that the key to success was early intervention and the introduction of rehabilitation programs as early as possible in the life of those who have special needs. These stimulated us to establish Care Giver Initiative in 2016, to enhance learning among those struggling with physical disorders, facilitate the acquisition of life-saving skills and become self-reliant.

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Personal History

I grew up with friends who were either living with hearing impairment or had siblings with this form of disability, one major challenge we had was communication which motivated me to start learning ASL(America Sign Language) at age 14. I also had a family friend living with severe epilepsy,  I was sad as I saw how she battled with seizures which interrupted daily activities such as schooling and socialising.

These childhood experiences prompted my career in Special Education, over the years I have had many projects in  the promotion of sign language with teachers and parents caring for persons living with her disabilities and had also pilot program involving rehabilitation and integration of people with special needs.

Personal Profile

Ruth Hart is committed to up building public trust in caring and supporting children and adults with learning difficulties, hearing impairment and behavioural disorder. She has relevant need qualifications and had been awarded by the Lagos state ministry of Education and Apapa Local Government Education Authority for her work and contributions to supporting persons living with a disability.


Partnership with Flour Mills of Nigeria Ltd

In 2016, Care Giver Initiative entered into a partnership with Flour Mills of Nigeria Ltd and Lagos state Universal Basic Education Board to construct a rehabilitation/vocational training Centre.

Commissioned the Centre at Methodist Primary School Apapa

In 2017, we completed and commissioned the Centre at Methodist primary school Apapa which housed sewing machines, shoemaking equipment, hair styling material and computers.

International Students with 8% under Cultural Council.

In 2018, we held our first skill exhibition program and expanded our services to include RCM inclusive unit (primary school) Ayeteju, Lekki

Sari Igumu inclusive unit (primary school) Sari Igumu

And RCM inclusive unit (primary school) Ibeju Lekki.


Apapa Local Government Education Authority

In appreciation for your support to children living with special needs

Ministry of Education

12th International day for people with disabilities

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